Where: CS faculty, Technion, Haifa

We are hosted the the Computer Science faculty at the Technion. We thank the technion's TCE for this help!

Getting There

Getting to the Technion

Important: if you're driving through the gate say that you're coming to the event "reversim summit" (רברסים) and security will let you in.

Driving and public transportation instructions

Address: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Finding rides

We are not affiliated with the following facebook groups, but we hope you might find them useful

Technion rides - Inbound
Technion rides - Outbound

Inside the Technion

Taub building

The building is called Taub and it looks like this, to the right


You may park on the street wherever you find free parking. Just make sure you follow the signs on the road, remember - we are guests! Lucky for us, this is the semester break, so parking should be easy (well, easier...)

Entering the buliding

We are on the entrance floor. This should be easy.