Title: Build a big data dashboard with Ember.js

Type: Open Source in Israel

Tags: workshop web front-end


Status: accepted

Considering migrating your app from Backbone / Angular / Other legacy?

Building interactive dashboards requires state of the art front end application architecture.
This talk unveils a new open source project https://github.com/shaialon/ember-admin-dashboards that will allow you to build your next dashboard rapidly and serve as a starting point for your new application.

The project core uses Ember.js - the leading front end framework for building large scale single page applications (http://builtwithember.io/), together with AdminLTE - the leading admin template on Github. Deployment and asset management are also handled end to end with Heroku and Ember CLI.

The example dashboard uses Twitter's streaming data and includes maps, charts, and drill-down features - using Ember's components ("roughly equivalent to an E restricted, transcluded, isolate-scoped directive in Angular").

Don't forget to star and fork one for your own!