Title: Batyam - a simple, stronger, collaborative dashboard

Type: Open Source in Israel

Tags: data tools


Status: accepted

Alongside company (and data) growth at Fiverr we were having a hard time making sure everyone had access to data and insights from all of our databases (internal multiple and separate instances of MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, Redis, CouchBase, Impala, etc) and external data sources (e.g. Google Analytics, New Relic, etc).

So we built an internal tool to enable creation, sharing, running and visualisation of queries over any data source. Now every 'user' (company employee) can run their queries ('How many new users have joined in past 24 hours?', 'What percentage of buyers are from US?', 'Which security question is most popular?'), and any employee can browse others' queries (as well as view their results, in the browser). You only need to know the business question you are interested in, in order to view its data.

App is SPA (in browser) and query-browsing UX is similar to SublimeText browsing - you can browse by folder or by fuzzy-search autocompletion of name/desc of query, which enables very easy orientation. Queries are mostly business-oriented, with the end goal of making sure our employees are as knowledgable as possible about "what's going on" in the company analytics - a growing problem as we scale in terms of business complexity.

The project was naturally made by Israelis (us) and for Israelis (well, us). :)