Title: The Hall of Shame

Type: 40min talk



Status: submitted

Franklin D. Roosevelt said "There is nothing to fear but fear itself", but does this hold true for shame as well?
Not during Reversim's Hall of Shame, where your shameful acts are to be celebrated!

Let your past mistakes bring you fame and fortune as you get 3 minutes to impress our panel of judges.
You will be graded based on:
The magnitude of your your error (almost getting someone killed was never so positive!)
How shameful your mistakes were
How well was your incident presented
Should the crowd go wild in response to your talk, that will certainly sway the judges as well.
So go ahead and present your fiascoes and you too could win a fantastic Hall of Shame hat, with the top 3 places getting amazing real value prizes!
Don't delay, make a terrible mistake today (and tell us all about it)!

The hall of shame