Title: Captain's Log - Applying Kaizen & Scrum to become a ninja developer

Type: Ignite

Tags: life-hacking


Status: accepted

In this 5 minutes lightning talk I will try to explain how I managed to transform my self from a good to a ninja developer using a system I developed called "The Captain's Log".

Each and every one of us has amazing skills and qualities together with some serious pitfalls. Those downsides can make the difference between a mediocare and an outstanding developer. Recognizing what they are is the first step, while the crucial step is overcoming them. Doing that requires a system that you can sustain for years aimed at personal improvment ultimatey affecting your carrer.

The Captain's Log is system that staples a Daily log of your activities much like you see in Star Trek (Captain Picard) but in a Google Doc, and the routines of Scrum: Planning & retrospective on a weekly, quartely and yearly basis.

It's simple yet ultra effective. I've been using this system for 3 years and it did wonders to my professionlism, which why I want to spread the word.