Title: Isomorphic Javascript - The Next Big Thing in Web Development

Type: 40min talk

Tags: web


Status: accepted

We all love developing single page web apps, it's fast, snappy, cool, and makes us (developers) happy. Most of the logic lives in the client, and it doesn't need to refresh the page to fetch new data. That's all great but it's comes with lots of flaws like poor SEO, long first page load time and code logic duplication between client and server.
What if we could just take the pros from both single page app and a traditional server web app and build a true solution for web apps? Isomorphic javascript is the answer!
Imagine you can share your view logic between client and server, they both will be able handle routing and rendering pages. This is now possible using Node.js platform.
In this talk we'll explore the new world of isomorphic javascript, what does it mean and how you can jump on the bandwagon.