Title: Should you move from Objective-C to Swift?

Type: 40min talk

Tags: mobile programming-language


Status: accepted

Swift is a shiny new language for iOS development, introduced during WWDC 2014 (June).

We'll try to answer the following questions about Swift:

  • Is Swift production ready?
  • What is the current state of Swift and its development tools?
  • Should you learn Swift or Objective-C if you have no background in iOS development?
  • Should you write your next iOS app in swift if you already know Objective-C?
  • I have an existing app with an existing Objective-C codebase. Should I:
    • Port it entirely to Swift?
    • Write new classes in Swift and keep maintaining Objective-C code as is?
    • Keep developing it in Objective-C?
  • What are some general pros & cons of Objective-C vs. Swift?
  • And more...