Title: Scaling up your R&D group

Type: 40min talk

Tags: case-study scaling culture


Status: accepted

Dealing with multiple teams in a product development organization is always a challenge.

I would like to share with you a live case study about how we switched from a traditional R&D structure into a small product oriented start-up’s teams.
These are some of the challenges we had to deal with:
How to brake a single product development team into small pieces while keeping autonomy and productivity?
How to use technical guilds to maintain a high technical level, personal development and collaboration between the “distributed” development team?
How to create a culture, based on developer accountability even without a direct manager around?
How to maintain high developers utilization in a small heterogenous feature team (iOS, Android, Web, Infrastructure)?
How we use release trains model for lean development in cross mobile platforms world and, what is our strategy for continuous delivery implementation.

I invite you to hear our personal experience about growing from a small start-up, to a middle size development organization. I invite you to hear how we maintained our developer happiness, start-up culture, productivity and giving each team members the ability to affect the product development (in both product and technical aspects).