Registration is open!

Check out the agenda first
First, you should check out the agenda page. See what you like and decide whether you'd like to register to Day 1, Day 2 or both.
Registration is per day
Registration is per day. You may register to Day 1, you may register to Day 2, and you may register to both (no problem at all, you are very welcome). But please - only register if you plan to show up. Be kind to your fellows and if anything changes, unregister to let those on the waitlist enjoy.
Register here
To register first open an account on and then register
Shoud you register?
Of course you should - but only if you plan to show up to the entire day. Please do not waste a ticket if you don't plan to show up. Be kind.
Be kind
Be kind to your fellow community members. If you'd registered and something changed, make sure you unregister to make place for others. Do not register unless you plan to show up for the whole day
Get on the waiting list
Even if you find yourself on the waiting list - do not despair. Get on the waiting list, we may be able to expand here and there and some ppl might unregister in the future so you could get in.
I am a speaker. Should I register?
Yes, you should - if you plan to show up for the entire day (or at least the kenote).