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Managing Remote Employees

How to build an efficient development team with some employees working remotely, often from different time zones?

Elasticsearch from the trenches

Totango relies on elasticsearch as its serving layer.
We faced serious performance and stability issues as the company client base grew so we had to improve things.
This talk describes the challenges Totango faced and how it resolved those challenges.
You will learn about Elasticsearch's doc values, routing, preferences and more and gain better understanding of how to resolve performance and stability issues

Evolution of Data Pipeline architechture

from simplistic spring/Mysql to Hadoop/spark/Luigi/elasticsearch based data pipline evolution. This is how we are doing that. Do / Dont do , decisions, while not compramising feature development, or simply how to overhoul your car engine while you still drive at full speed.

I'd like to see something about twitter's summingbird

Is someone using it? Any war stories?

What's wrong with Angular.js?

This should be settled once and for all - let's do a battle between the fans and the enemies of Angular.js and let them dance before us.

Mobile Web testing

Simple walkthrough on how to do mobile web testing. cross platform, on real devices, on emulators plus integration with cloud based task managers like Jenkins.

Consul - much more than a Service Discovery Tool

In a conversation with Chef and Puppet practitioners in the company I heard the same complaint over and over again. Configuration Management is sooo much better than manually configuring servers, but it is painful because all the configuration points that you still need to manage. Enter Service Discovery, a way to connect our different services together with no configuration. Service Discovery is great, but Consul is service discovery and much much more. It solves some of our orchestration issues and does configuration management as well. It is a key value store and a DNS server and its killer feature is Consul Events and Consul Templates.

I want to explain our Consul use cases, what it can do and where we are going with it. It is not one tool to rule them all, but it is a critical piece of our new infrastructure.

How to ace your tech migration...

Your company is stuck with an old and outdated technology stack. Development takes forever, top talent turns you down because they like cutting edge work, customers are complaining about load time, the app is starting to break down because your framework is no longer supported and no one is happy.
So you want to migrate to the top technology on the market re-building a 4 year old application takes a lot of time that you don't have. You will need the buy-in of all the stakeholders to do this right - something that requires the Intrapreneurship skills you never knew you had.

I will explain how Totango's front end migration came to be - ditching a decaying GWT application in favor of a shiny new Ember.js + Node.js one in under 3 months.
Spoiler: Involves harassing decision makers, lots of late nights, quoting LOTR, going to war (and back), iframe hacks, but most importantly - a lot of talented and dedicated people.

Old Timer
"Interactive Deep Analytics" Dashboard

There are many BI systems. What's different and challenging about dashboard in particular is the combination of simplicity and actionability which makes building and optimization of an interactive dashboard a damn hard problem.

How to launch such a project?
What considerations should be taken?
What pitfalls should be avoided?
Best practices

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Building Flat Organization

Best practices? Does it scale? What is it good for? What it contributes to your culture

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Swift - is it ready for production iOS apps?

Swift was released in 2014, is it ready for real use?
Is it mature enough? are the tools ready for it?
What are the pitfalls? what one should notice when moving from objc to swift?

Testing iOS mobile apps

What are the testing framework out there for testing iOS mobile (or non mobile) applications?
What are the best practices for automated testing for mobile applications on iOS.
It would be great if someone will share from hers/his experience.

7 languages in 7 days

A talk that will cover production ready languages and their use cases, covering Julia, factor, Elm etc..

Inspired by the pragprog book with the same title

Docker everything everywhere

Docker isn't just DevOps.
Using docker to develop, test, build and run your applications.

  • Developers have the freedom to use any language they like
  • CM engineers can build with any compiler and tool available
  • Ops can run the application anywhere
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Build Architecture with micro services: How to get it done right?

When you have multiple services (micro-services) in your network, at some point you split your one big git repository into multiple.
When you split things up, there are many complexities:

  • Managing versions for multiple components is time consuming
  • Fixing a major bug in the commons lib, forces to track down-stream components by hand and update them as well - time consuming
  • Provisioning a developer environment requires tooling - otherwise you hand up manually cloning many repositories, switching branches by hand to match the version of each dependency.

I would like to know of good practices people have employed in their work.

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Hadoop Patterns

What design patterns do you apply for Hadoop? In particular, if you have pipelines running several Hadoop/Pig jobs, which design patterns help make the pipeline more modular/maintainable/extensible?

Micro App architecture

Taking a monolithic service and slice it into micro services is a well known practice.

Doing the same for a large, complex, legacy web application is something else.

Micro App architecture helps you optimize KPIs like ownership, test , choosing the best technology stack to each application while keep using shared common capabilities for all micro Apps.

how did we manage to do it. What's are the concepts of Micro App architecture? What are the challenges, what still need to be done?

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Microservices & Streams

How to build a microservice architectures by using uni-directional streams instead of request-reply pairs, and what advantages this approach brings.

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The Career Ladder Isn’t In The Office

7 Short stories uncovering dirty secrets about getting ahead and improving your career.

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Rethinkdb vs. mongodb vs. couchdb vs.. cassandra vs. dynamosb

A comparison of modern data stores. Help me chose which one to experiment with on my next project!

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Ember vs. Angular vs. Meteor

A comparison of modern web programming frameworks. Help me chose which one to experiment with on my next project!

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Rust vs. Nim vs. Go

A comparison of modern system programming languages. Help me chose which one to experiment with on my next project!

Why Web Components are going to change the (web) world?

Polymer and Web Components are very hot topics as of late, and since this ecosystem is evolving rapidly, it can often be difficult for developers to stay abreast of all the latest changes. This talk will try to put some light on the important aspects of these technologies.

Reactive by Example

A cool story about the evolution of our monitoring infrastructure.

How do we manage to handle 4M metrics / minute, and over 1K concurrent connections?
What strategies did we try to apply and where did it fail?
What are the techniques and technologies we use in order to achieve this?
How do we handle errors, and failures at this scale?
What can we still improve?

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Building a Data Science team

Everyone is looking for Data Scientists, but not many agree on exactly what a data scientist is. In many places the requirements describe not one, but at least three different roles combined in a "perfect" employee. These people are as rare as unicorns and cost about the same. So how do you build a data-science team? how to define real-world requirements?, what to look for?, what to avoid? and how to conduct meaningful interviews? (and how to lure them in to your company if you cannot afford their weight in gold?)

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React + Flux

React is a UI library developed at Facebook to facilitate the creation of interactive, stateful & reusable UI components. It is used at Facebook in production, and is written entirely in React.. Flux is an architecture that Facebook uses internally when working with React. It is not a framework or a library. It is simply a new kind of architecture that complements React and the concept of Unidirectional Data Flow.

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Building a community around products of commercial company

How do you build and maintain a developer community around commercial products like Public API, open source tools developed by a commercial company

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Monetizing side projects

Someone with personal experience on monetizing and earning money from side projects to talk about his experience and most valuable lessons.

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The State of the Mobile Web in 2015

How big the gap is between native and mobile web? What's the status of all the standards that should close this gap? (Flexbox, ServiceWorker, Animations, etc)

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Next gen programming languages - what's it going to be like programming 5 years from today?

What's so great about Rust? Why is Go gaining so much in popularity?
What interesting advances are we going to see in programming languages in the next 5 or so years?

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How to interview your next employer?

When searching for your next job, how would you interview your employer? What should you ask?
If you have real world stories those are the best, simple do's and dont's aren't that interesting, but real world stories are.

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